Sun Zhe, Deputy Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee and mayor visited our company to inspect and guide the work


On January 5, Sun Zhe, Deputy Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee and mayor,zhi Dayong, deputy mayor, Fang Zhenghui, secretary-general of the municipal government, Yu Dezhi, party secretary and director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Harbin, Lv Gang, party secretary and chairman of the industrial and investment group,Zhang Bo ,general manager and other leaders came to our company to inspect and guide the work.Municipal government research office, municipal government general office and other department leaders accompanied inspection.Liu Mingshan, Secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of the company, accompanied the visiting leaders to inspect together with other members of the group.

Mayor sun zhe and other leaders visited the leading product manufacturing workshop.During the visit, Liu Mingshan, the chairman of the company, introduced the production and operation of our company in recent months, Especially since the "three systems" reform,  the tremendous changes that have taken place in the company.

After listening to the introduction by Chairman Liu Mingshan, Mayor Sun Zhe expressed his appreciation for the gratifying achievements was made by our company in a short time,affirmed the team members' spirit of solidarity and starting a business,and highly praised the practical spirit of all the staff working together and fighting hard.

Mayor Sun Zhe also had cordial communication with Gao Lihua,the national model worker,group leader of the embeded fin of the first branch factory. He encouraged Gao Lihua to work hard, carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, lead more industrial workers to lead technological innovation, and train more high-skilled talents for the development of enterprises.

Mayor Sun Zhe also took a group photo with the company team.

Mayor Sun Zhe pointed out that HAC has set a typical example for  "three systems" reform of state-owned enterprises in the city.Next step, HAC will improve its erect position,broaden the horizon,work hard on technology research and development, quality improvement, product innovation, equipment upgrade and improve the level of production automation.Market-oriented, perfect the modern enterprise management system,continue to develop and move forward,development and innovation of Harbin industrial enterprises to establish new achievements.

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